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Star Trek: The Original Series Stillness

Star Trek TOS Icon Challenge
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Star Trek TOS Icon Contest

Welcome ♦ Rules ♣ Contact ♥ Affiliates ♠ Layout Credits

Welcome to sttos_stills, an icon contest community dedicated to the original Star Trek television series and films. Join, watch, participate and make some icons dedicated to original Trek!

Please take a minute to read the information here.


Challenges run weekly, rotating between characters, episodes, and various themes.

Please make challenge suggestions here!


Challenges are posted every Sunday evening. Members may submit icons for one full week, closing the following Sunday.

Voting is posted after a challenge closes. Voting continues until Friday afternoon. Votes are weighted - 3 points for first place, 2 points for second place, and 1 point for third place. A special category may be voted on as well. If there are enough entries/entrants in a challenge, there will be a mod's choice award, the Starfleet Commendation award. The mod will NEVER receive this award. Winners will be posted shortly after voting closes.

1. Icons must fit LJ standards. No bigger than 100x100 and 40 KB. GIF, JPG, and PNG format only.

2. Enter your icons with their URLs as a comment to the challenge post (all comments are screened).

Feel free to use this form to help you. Just replace URL with the direct link.

3. Do not use previously-made icons, and do not post them elsewhere until the challenge is over and the winners are announced.

4. You may enter 5 icons per challenge unless otherwise stated.

5. You may blend caps, use textures, brushes, etc. No animation unless otherwise stated.

6. Only the mod has posting access, for ease of maintenance.

7. Any member is welcome to participate in challenges. Anyone may vote in challenges. Dreamwidth members are welcome, please just message the mod.
This comm was created by extant.

Your mod is djmustangsally.

I also run the trekicontest total Trekverse icon challenge comm, hunger_icontest the first Hunger Games icon challenge comm, and a vintage/retro/historical icon challenge comm, lookingback_ic. I operate everywhere else on LJ as harmony033. The mod will participate in challenges, but will never receive preferential treatment or the Starfleet Commendation award.

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