djmustangsally (djmustangsally) wrote in sttos_stills,

Banner Catch-Up: So Sorry!

I deeply apologize for being SO late on many of these banners. I did not realize I was so behind, and I am so, so sorry for not getting these up sooner! I hope that winners from these challenges will still be able to get and use these - and I hope our participation hasn't fallen off because of my oversight!! : ( Again, I am so sorry, and congrats to all the winners - we have such wonderful icon makers here, and I hope to see more of them again soon!

Tags: banners, character challenge: 019 non-credit char, episode challenge: 019 the menagerie par, episode challenge: 020 space seed, special challenge: 019 total space, special challenge: 020 sadness, special challenge: 021 artist's choice
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