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Final Reminder and Call for HELP!
Chekov reminder -- harmony033
djmustangsally wrote in sttos_stills
This is your final reminder to enter The Doomsday Machine challenge by TONIGHT, April 22 at 10 pm EST!

We have NO entries. I've already extended this for one week, so if there is still no participation tonight then I will likely place the community on hiatus.

I'd like to ask for some feedback before I do so, however. Is is the challenges that have not been interesting? Is there no interest in the original series for iconing? Please let me know what you think - I am always open to ideas and suggestions! Post here or message me. Thanks!

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I appreciate both of your participation, this was not directed at you at all! You have been awesome helping the comm get back on its feet this year. We used to have pretty high participation, so I was just hoping some of those folks that used to enter weekly might still be watching. I don't know what else to do to encourage participation....are we a dying breed?? I know Star Trek isn't loosing favor, at least in my mind it isn't, so I just don't know what else to do. : (

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